About Viper Drill

Viper Drill’s founding vision is the commercialization of a revolutionary system capable of consistently and reliably radial drilling virtually all rock formations… a daunting undertaking to be sure. .

Our History: Incorporated in Texas in 2013, before embarking on developing Viper Drill, our founders extensively investigated, tested, and analyzed the critical problems with jet drilling technologies. This is noteworthy because it was only after identifying the inherent short-comings of jet-drilling that our founders chose to set out on a radically different, far more arduous… but also, much more promising path -- mechanical drilling.

Our Team: Composed of individuals with cum laude hard knock educations as well as Ph’Ds, the Viper Drill team put their mind’s to developing the most reliable and robust ultra-short radius mechanical radial drilling system in the world. After years of work, millions of dollars of investment and literally hundreds of tests, our team has fulfilled on the century-old human ambition of mechanically drilling out at 90 degrees from a wellbore.

Becoming Part of the Team: If you would like to become part of Team Viper Drill, whether as an employee or Partner, please feel free to contact us.

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