Viper Drill Procedure

The Viper Drill™ procedure is a unique patented & patent-pending procedure that creates large lateral drainage channels radiating out from the wellbore, like spokes on a wheel. Besides conventional O&G targets in carbonate and sandstones, our radial drilling technology can also be used to penetrate shales, dolomites, coal/CBM wells, and in geothermal applications.

The key steps in the Viper Drill™ field procedure are:
  • 1) Well Selection: Select suitable well candidate and depth(s).
  • 2) Position the BHA: The bottom hole assembly (BHA) is positioned on production tubing and lowered to depth.
  • 3) Casing Cutting: Our casing milling tool, powered by a mud motor, cuts a smooth round hole in the wellbore casing—about 1 ½” in diameter-- and is then retracted 
  • 4) Lateral Drilling: The Viper string with special HotHead™ mechanically drills a radial drainage tunnel into the surrounding rock; and, is then retracted 
  • 5) Optional Chemical Treatments: Optional chemical treatments can be injected deep into each lateral; or, can be pressure pumped at the end of the procedure. 

  • 6) Reposition & Repeat: The whipstock is repositioned and the above procedure is repeated to form additional drainage tunnels in the target zone(s). If their are targets at additional depths that need to be drilled, the Viper Drill team can reposition the BHA (without the need to call in a work-over rig) and drill those, as well. 
  • 7) Return to Pump: Once all lateral have been drilled, the Viper Drill™ tools and BHA are removed from the wellbore and the well is put back on pump.

Viper Drill EOR Technology