Viper Drill Technology

Viper Drill’s break-thru mechanical drilling system relies upon a state-of-the art coiled tubing unit (CTU), specialized casing milling system and highly-advanced cutting head assembly to drill thru formation rocks. The heart of our system-- the downhole technologies-- have taken years to develop, involved advanced engineering and manufacturing processes, literally hundreds of tests and are part of government-sponsored research which predicts a major increase in ultimate recovery and the dramatic acceleration of that recovery.

Surface Equipment Summary: The Viper Drill surface equipment consists of a purpose-built CTU, triplex pump, tool trailer and crane truck. This self-contained system allows our field team to quickly release the work-over rig and get about drilling the laterals. With the assistance of our proprietary data system, our trained personnel can control all key functions from the cabin (which serves as the operation’s center for the field procedure).

Casing Milling System: Our casing milling is powered by a mud motor which allows us to cut an approximate 1½ inch diameter hole in the casing-- typically in about 15- 20 minutes. And, because we don’t mill out an entire section of casing… there’s no appreciable loss of casing integrity.

HOT-Head™: The business end of the Viper Drill™ system is our High-Output-Torque cutting Head (HOT-Head™). The HOT-Head™ embodies advanced R&D, precision machining and the latest technology. At about 1½ inches in diameter and less than 2 inches in length, one should not be fooled by the HOT-Head’s remarkably small size, however. Equipped with PDC (polydiamond compact) cutting faces, the HOT-Head™ is capable of cutting virtually whatever rock crosses its path.– it can drill both ‘soft’ rocks as well as ‘hard’. In fact, we can even drill chert, clasts and similar hand inclusions (that other radial drilling technologies cannot touch) but which are often found in the host rock.

Snake-Skin™: The hose used in the Viper Drill™ system is contained in a special exoskeleton-- a sort of body-armor or Snake-Skin™. Not only does our Snake-Skin™ prevent the hose from collapsing over or coiling up on itself—as can happen with jetting systems-- but it also helps assure a high-quality borehole is drilled and that the tunnels is created along a straight trajectory.

Viper Drill’s cutting-edge technology addresses what until know has remained an elusive dream—namely affordable, reliable drilling of radials drainage tunnels in a wide variety of wellbores types and formations!

Viper Drill EOR Technology